America is a hot spot for the tourists from all around the world. People of Japan who are considered to be dedicated towards their work and commitment are equally travel freaky. According to a report it has been found out what Japanese advice fellow travelers who are flying to America. Here are the interesting 10 tips which are not only interesting but also shows difference between two cultures.


1: Be aware at Dinner: Japanese eat lots of food at home for dinner. There is no limitation on eating as Dinner plates are meant for only to hold the delicious food, and one can use even 10 plates for dinner. However, the situation in America is entirely different. There will be a single plate with lot of food and you need to take it from there. There is basically no concept of Dinner plate.

2: Be selective about fashion: Japanese consider the hip hop dress as fashion and trend. However, the situation in America is bit different. One who is wearing such outfits is considered to be a part of street gang. It is always better to avoid such clothes in America.

3: Follow the traffic: The traffic rules in America are followed by heart. You should respect the system and abide by the traffic rules. You should never be in hurry to jump any light whatsoever as nobody does in America.

4. Drink Less: Unlike Japan, Americans consider a tremendous alcoholic as someone who cannot take care of himself. So it is very important that you should not drink more to impress others as nobody will appreciate it.

5: Americans are not like Japanese, they find out time for their self even on the weekdays. Japanese remain busy throughout the weekdays and enjoy on weekends while Americans enjoy throughout the week.

6: Pay attention while communicating: Never put you middle finger in bent and index finger together and show up in the air. If someone does it that means one has not believed what you just have uttered.

7: Laugh Openly: Laughing is something that Japanese are not open at. Women cover their mouth while laughing as decency while men rarely laugh. Laughing is not so common in Japan while Americans are fond of laughing. Women and men laugh loudly at any place to set their feelings free. There is no hiding from anything in America.

8: Be patient: You need to be patient while buying anything in grocery. The speed of the service is not as fast as you expect in Japan. You may even become befriended with someone while waiting for your turn.

9: Compromise with Vending Machine: The vending machine can become deception at times in America. You may ask for carbonate and end up in getting a juice and vice versa. So, be ready to compromise.

10: Open to failure: Japan is obsessive with success and people fear failure. Any failure may lead up to embarrassment in the country. However, in America, people appreciate your effort even if you have failed. People are open to try and no one is bothered about your success rate.


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