the-wizard-of-oz-dvd-cover-63Most of us had seen The Wizard of OZ in many times and love it. But here may have some shorts of issues that you never noticed about The Wizard of OZ. Number one is about the Dorothy’s Cruller. Have a look closely on it and get the clear idea on tosses. Number two is about the Miss Gulch’s Umbrella. There was an allusion about the umbrella and the broom which one was carried by the witch. Third one is about the Dorothy’s Dresses. Here is an allusion of the quantity of the dresses. The questions are one or two. Have a close look.


The fourth one is about “Coroner’s Death Certificate”. There is a difference between the original author written book and this. The fifth one is about “Toto’s Deleted Dance”. Toto tours down the steps of the city hall and cascades in line late the Munchkin soldiers with no further clarification was this the “Toto Trot” to which Connolly was mentioning? The sixth one is about Wooden Sawhorse. Here is also a noticeable thing. The seventh one is about “Munchkin Suicide”. The Wizard of Oz was never intended to play on a small screen, so misperception has ascended. The eighth one is about Dorothy’s Giggles. Here is also a noticeable thing. The nine one is about “Witch’s Hourglass”. The noticeable thing is the time ran out and the Witch crushed her hourglass in a wrath. The tenth one is about “Dorothy’s Time Warp”. It appeared as The Wizard of Oz all caused in the distance of one day.

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