When someone in a wheel chair then many people told many things about him. Some are good and some are bad. But there are some that is not good but good. Even there are some that which may good at sound but bad in real. I am talking about the temporary person in wheel chair. I am not telling about the permanent in wheel chair. Because I was in a whell chair for a month and met many of my relatives and friends. They have told many thing about me. From my feelings I want to say that people should not tell the top ten bellow issues when someone is in a wheel chair. I am not telling about the funny and sad things. I am telling about the good things but this good does not work as a good in real. The first one is You are really pretty for someone in a wheelchair. If you say this word then it may feel negative to him. Second one is expressing he wish to oneself that he would use wheel chair when he will break his leg. It is very funny and penic. Third on is showing his as a model of inspiration for the rest. It is really pathetic. Fourth one is saying his that he was only parked there for a minute. Fourth one is to show a cause for him of his being in a wheel chair. It is really distrubint. Sixth one is expressing his wish to help him. I make him more helpless. Seventh one is to make good greetings like good to see you. Because there is nothing good to see him in that situation. Eighth one is blame him for the reason and told that it is perfect for him. Ninth one is blessing with the word that you will walk again in the future. It seems that I will never walk again. The tenth one is not hearing your teachers word.

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