Wow! These Pinterest projects seem great and really easy to make – I should try them. Yes, sure try, but don’t try to make every single one, because these 17 people tried to make some very interesting Pinterest projects but ended up with something they had never imagined. Have a look at what they did.

1.  I always thought that combining balloons and strings is a very easy job, but after seeing this, it doesn’t seem to be that easy now.


2. Valentine’s Day Jell-O hearts with no hearts at all.

latest 3. Do you want to eat the trial cookie? I don’t want to.


4. Cookie monster cupcakes or really scary monsters?


5. A perfect disastrous breakfast.


6. Beauty salons are made for reasons; if every girl tries to do their job, it might end like this one.


7. An Ester treat or a Halloween Treat? I think it is the Halloween one.


8. Very easy painting by stamping! Was it really that hard?


9. Beautiful melted crayon art turned into total waste of crayons. If it is a school art project, I wonder how much marks would it get.


10. One broken KitKat bowl. Someone already ate few while making it.


11. Must check the recipe of Waffle again.


12. Some amazingly failed cookies.


13. Poor minion cake; kid, who had that cake, would never asked for any cake again.


14. This is the perfect example of how a happy pumpkin kid and a sad pumpkin kid look like.


15.  One not so very welcoming wreath.It became really really flaccid.


16. A “not so hot” hair flip.


17. It is a very adorable try, good one


When you try any Pinterest project, make sure that you know what you are doing and follow the instructions fully. Or else you will end up like any of these people who have tried their projects but haven’t followed the instruction in the right way.

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