There are products that may be part of our daily life and sometimes it just surprises you that, that’s not how it works. Sometimes things aren’t that complicated at all. Like these photos below that might surely change your routine on how you eat or use it.



1. Have you ever noticed the lock roll at the side of the aluminum foil box? You just need to press it to secure the roll in place.




2. You might be doing it all wrong, this is the proper way to get a Tic Tac.




3. Are you fond of eating this but you forgot your spoon?



Turn the foil into a spoon. But please make sure your mouth is not full of metal fillings.


3.2        3.3




4. Opening your peanut butter just like wrestler? Well you try to store your peanut butter just like this, to ensure the oil spread out in the container.

4should be



5. Make the most out of it, spread the ketchup cups widely to make use all of its space.






6. The flat bottom plunger is for the sink and the other plunger is for the toilet.

6  6.2




7. This Chinese take out food container are actually made to be folded out when you eat.





8. This is how less you should put a toothpaste on your toothbrush.




9. You might be scooping the toppings and yogurt in a different way. This yogurt container is intended to be folded in half.



10. The flap of the toilet seat cover should be placed in front.




11.  If you’re not gifted to drink in a can without spilling. Soda tabs can be used also as a straw holder.




12. Just to make sure that it might not unplug easily, try this.




13. Well this is a good art but pipe cleaners serve literally as pipe cleaners.

13   13.1



14. Teach your kid not to squeeze the soda box by holding the sides.



15. You don’t need a knife or karate moves to cut a Toblerone.



16. You might want to use the hanging hole for spoon testing.



17. For easy floss, tie the floss and it helps you not to strangle your fingers again.



18. The lids from the top of the cup perfectly fits the bottom part of the cup for coaster.




Well! There you have it.


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