Miranda Barbour, a 19 year old young mother from Alaska, made headlines after she and her husband was charged for the death of Troy LaFerrera, a man whom Barbour hooked up from Craiglist.  What is more shocking is that she now allegedly claims for the murder of more than 22 men ever since she was still 13 years old and buried them on different states.  It is incredibly unbelievable, mad and terrifying to think that a young teenager can brutally commit murderous satanic rituals.


Troy LaFerrara is a 42 year-old married guy who purportedly hired her for sex on Craiglist.  Barbour stabbed him 20 times after he said that he would still have sex even though she said that she was only 16 years old just to test him.  The crime was committed with the help of her husband of 3 weeks which was done inside their car.  Bizarrely perhaps, their concept of celebrating their marriage was to murder someone!


Miranda Barbour was reported to have been she was a molestation victim herself when she was young and this was her way of vengeance for what happened to her.  She considers herself a real-life Dexter Morgan from the show Dexter, wherein the main character only killed people who have committed a crime and deserves death as punishment.  She mentioned in an interview when she was in jail that she only murder people who did bad things and did not deserve to be living anymore.


However, in another interview, Barbour stated that she joined a satanic cult in Alaska on her early teens which coincides with the timing of the commencement of the first killing.  According to her, the cult’s leader was the one who assisted her in killing her first victim.  It is said that all of the murders occurred because Barbour was under the “spell” of the said satanic cult.

Barbour insisted that she did not regret what she has done and if ever she would be released from imprisonment, she would still continue doing so.

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