Here are 20 Reasons to show Dogs are Man’s Best Friend. Dog is more than a simple pet; Read this to know what your dog can do more. It will make you love him more.

1.    Friend of pain


A study has been done by the College of Goldsmiths that dogs have understanding of human emotions. When they see someone in pain, they try to give them sympathy with their presence.

2.    Sense cancer


Studies have shown that dogs can sense cancer of lungs in patients. Their smelling ability helps them to do so.

3.    Stress Relievers


Those people who take their dog with them to work has shown stress on minor scale and enjoy being on work with their dog. This study was done by The International Journal of Workplace Health Management.

4.    Become aware of seizures attack


Some dogs have ability to become aware of seizures attacks before they even happen. It comes to them naturally and no one knows how.

5.    Help to improve babies health


Babies who live with dogs have better immune system and fall less ill as compared to the babies who don’t have a dog in the house.

6.    Exercise buddies


University Of London did studies and came up with the fact that those children who go on exercise with their dogs are more lively and energetic than those who don’t.

7.    Low blood sugar


Low blood sugar level can also be detected by dogs’ smelling ability. If patient having low sugar or diabetes attack, dog becomes aware of it instantly and alerts others through constant barking.

8.    Keep you away from allergies


If you are allergic to something then just let your dog be trained to detect that thing. Next thing you know, every time you come in contact with that stuff you’ll be warned by your dog.

9.    Make you social


Dogs also help people in increasing their social circle. Dogs’ owners become friendlier and can easily approach people, which let them overcome their loneliness or shyness.

10.    Ease PTSD


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be cured or reduced by the company of the dog. Dog’s company can help patient to rise above their anger or stress and help them to be better and happy person again.

11.    Avert eczema


Those children who have dogs as their pets have shown immunity from different skin problems such as eczema.

12.    Cure wounds by licking


Dog’s saliva has special ability to cure wounds. Not only dogs but humans saliva can also provide oxygen to the wound which helps it in curing quickly.

13.    Keep their old owners active


Not only dogs are good influence for kids but they are also great with old people and keep them healthy and active. Those people, who own a dog in their old age, go lesser to doctors than those who don’t own any dog.

14.    Ease troubles related to heart


American Heart Association study shows that those people who play, exercise, jog or walk with their dogs happens to be immune with heart related issues. Though it is not a confirmed report but it did show some affirmative results.

15.    Depression Reliever


Not only dogs can diminish stress but also make depression go away. Their love and affection can even help in curing the chronic depression. Their presence cures a person truly and brings him back towards life.

16.    Exams stress controller


Burden of exams can be very stressful for any student. In this case, some schools have introduced programs that help stressed students to relax with dogs by spending some time with them.

17.    Autistic children comfort zone


Autistic children comfort zone can be none other than the dogs. Dogs are trained to comfort the patient who reduces the cortisol level in body of child and help him/her to understand and see things better.

18.    Controlling bullying with dogs


With the help of dogs, people are trying to control the bullying system especially in educational institutes. Programs are introduced in schools by bringing in the dogs to teach children to stop treating others roughly or brutally.

19.    Provide warmth in fibromyalgia


This unbearable disease keeps its patient in unstoppable ache. The Xolo dogs are used to help the patients of fibromyalgia. They stay with the patient and provide them warmth which eases the pain.

20.    Trained dementia dogs for dementia patients


Trained dogs are present for dementia patients to keep them going with the pace of time. These dogs help patients in taking their medicines, doctor’s appointment and soothe them when they feel frustration.

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