The  Youtube video above was uploaded by Entertainment Weekly contributor Grady Smith has already reached the 3 million mark of Youtube views.  I guesses a lot of people share the same sentiments on how the country music circa 2013 was awful and a mess.  It all revolved around the same themes over and over again!  Here are some of the meat of the mainstream country music of the said year:

  1.  Some dudes sang about trucks, trucks and more trucks!
  2. Guys sang about how they drove on old dirt road on their trucks.
  3. Plus how they begged girls to hop in their…trucks. (Yeah, trucks again!)
  4. They only prefer girls wearing those tight blue jeans!
  5. They kept on singing about giving those girls a ride to the nearest river bank.
  6. They also kept on musing on how the sunset or moonlight made it all romantic and all.
  7. And never forget to bring out the “good stuff” otherwise known as the alcohol to loosen things up and getting wasted!
  8. But when all those manly things failed, they can always insert a melody on girl on their song.

I know, I know, listening to such kills you gradually!  I apologize for enduring such agony for the sake of information.  Grady Smith created the video clip to explain to the readers of his column the decision behind his certain column about his top country album.  These readers noticed that his list did not include some mainstream country music and somehow effectively delivered his point. Yeah, mainstream country music that year was pretty much the same.

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