Who doesn’t want to be a gentleman? Everyone wants to be a gentleman. The definition of a gentleman is different for different types of people in the world. But in general a gentleman means a good man in all sides. Today I shall discuss all about the procedure to be a gentleman in 2014. If you follow these rules you may turn in to a gentleman in real.


1. Have a name beverage that you both can brand at home after a long day’s effort, and instruction with easy swag at any bar you occur to be in.

2. Social media has a great impact in the human being. You should not take the negative social media for you. Because gentleman should not go to against the socity.

3. You have to be friendly and frank. If people don’t love you then you will not be a gentleman.

4. Never torture anyone and never neglect any kind of human being.

5. Always try to put up formal dress. Formal dress means not the suit cot rather a good dress.

6. Always welcome people warmly with shaking hands.

7. You should not never agree with bad people

8. You should not be afraid rather be strong for the truth.

9. Please don’t be engage with the gay and any other homosexual activities.

10. Do not make any harm of other people for your own well.

11. Do not be so much dependent on the technology. Some should kept for your family.

12. Learn how to cook some necessary foods.

13. Your eye contact should be very much good.

14. Do not engage yourself in bad political issues.

15. Remove the word “slut” from your language.

16. Try to provide woman as their proper honor and value

17. RSVP.

18. Try to gather some money in every month for the poor people and help your family.

19. Be up-front about your moneys, because it’s partial for anybody to trust in the out-of-date gender roles of “the man should wage for all.” As long as you’re employed hard and trying your best, you merit being honest.

20. Do not sleep with anyone who is not perfect for you in all sides.

21. Learn dancing as much as possible.

22. Never undervalue the great worth of unforeseen flowers on a day that is then nothing singular, particularly in long-term relations.

23. Don’t be selfish.

24. Be sympathetic.

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