A massive fire has destroyed a mansion of 22 rooms in Indian Hills, Ohio. The abrupt fire started blazing the mansion which is spread over 10000 square feet in Cincinnati Sub Urban area. The Fire brigade officials have confirmed that it took almost seven hours for the brave firefighters to control and extinguish the fire. No causalities have been reported, however an estimated total of $4 Million damage is confirmed. The market price of the mansion was $4 Million.

The massive and ferocious fire caught the building whose present market price is around $4 million. However, luckily there was no one at the mansion at the time of the unfortunate incident. The owner of the house was also out of the place during the fateful event.

Firefighter fought really hard to control the fire, which largely affected the building. The officials said that, the luxurious mansion was chattered to the frame by the blazing fire. The blaze has reportedly shot up to as high as 30 feet in the air. The officials have also passed the condolence for the hefty loss of at least $4 Million. The fire was so massive and big in magnitude that Fire Hydrant at the home was unable to take care of the situation.

The pause mansion was considered to be the most beautiful mansion in the Cincinnati Sub urban before the incident. However, the 22 rooms’ mansion is now only left with ashes and mystery of fire. The market price of the mansion was revealed from the Auditor’s website of The Hamilton County.


The exact reason behind the heavy fire and accident is yet to be known. However, firefighters are thoroughly investigating the sudden and abrupt break out of the fire. Even though nothing suspicious incident has not been reported, still firefighters are looking into all the possible angles of the accident.

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