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The Pope defrocked a total of 400 priest over complains of sexual abuse.  The Vatican provided a thorough detail on the list of priests who were defrocked for sexual abuse.  This was the first time that the Vatican did this and they were preparing for questioning by the United Nations.



The Associated Press was able to obtain a document about around 400 priests that Pope Benedict XVI defrocked over the span of 2 years for sexual abuse and child molestation.  The 2011 to 2012 statistics revealed a shocking increase from the 171 priests defrocked from the years 2008 and 2009 when the Vatican first revealed the information on the number of priests who was removed from the service.  Before that, they were only able to provide details on the number of alleged sexual abuse cases reported to them.

Pope Benedict XVI was set to meet the United Nations committee in Geneva and the data regarding the number of priest defrocked was prepared and compiled by the Vatican as supporting materials to help defend itself before the UN.  The Vatican has long been under constant criticism over these sexual abuse issues.  The statistics were gathered from the Vatican’s yearly report on the activities of different offices which include the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which is responsible for sexual abuse cases.

Even though the documents are public materials, it is not readily available outside the confines of Rome.  These documents can only be accessed inside the Vatican offices and Catholic university libraries.  The Associated Press was able to get hold of these information and they revealed astonishing changes in the Pope’s procedure to disciple the alleged pedophiles ever since 2001.  When the Pope found out that the Bishops all over the world were not following the church orders to place the accused priests on trial before church tribunals but instead these Bishops constantly covered for these priests by routinely assigning them to a different parish.

The penalty for priest violators was basically being defrocked.  There are however no jail terms and no actions to prevent the sexual offenders from doing the crime once more.


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