Photoception of the Day



We present to you today a photoception of the day.  Photoception is  play of words composed of the combination of the word photo which means an image and the word inception which became popular of after the movie carrying the same word as its title came out.  Inception as based on the movie typically means planting an idea on someone’s mindset subconsciously in their dream and thus simply saying it is like a dream within a dream.  With the definition of each word, photoception basically means a photo within a photo.

Today’s photoception shows Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt with a photo of Ryan Gosling who was wearing a shirt with a younger Macaulay Culkin’s photo on it.  A photoception indeed!

The photo set abuzz all over the internet world with it being retwitted, shared, and reposted several times to various social media.  There were a lot of people who commends Macaulay Culkin’s current healthier and nicer image.  One netizens commented that he look way much better than he used to for sure.  Many people also thought that the person on the photo was Kurt Cobain at first glance.  It seemed like Macaulay Culkin is a reincarnation of Kurt Cobain image wise.

The photoception also commenced another discussion from the netizens on what have become of the former child superstar.  Macaulay Culkin has done a lot of hit movies during his younger days.  But recently, he has not done any more films.  He now concentrates more on the field of advertising.

How about you make your own version of photoception and post it here!

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