Measles Are Back In New York City



Measles are back to wreak havoc in the City of New York.  This is all thanks to those Anti-Vaxxers.  It is well known that measles were completely eliminated when the new millennium set in.  But now it is back!  This is all due to a bunch of people who refute that their children be vaccinated.

Measles is considered as an infectious disease and for sure no one wants to recklessly catch this disease.  Well, I got news for you who are cautious of your health! You better pay extra careful since this scary viral disease is back in business thanks to those people who refuse to get vaccinated, the anti-vaccine crowd so to speak.

After a decade of being a measles free city, New York is now experiencing a measles outbreak.  Measles were reportedly eliminated circa 2000 in the entire United States of America, however, a record breaking number of outbreaks all throughout the country sent quiver to all who works in the health sector.

This case is no laughing business since measles is in a fact a highly contagious disease.  Symptoms of this illness include a combination of rash, coughing, runny nose, fever with distinct spots in the mouth.  Measles may be considered as self-limiting disease but if proper treatment is not observed, complications may arise.  Regrettably, studies in the United States showed that in every 1,000 patients, 1 person can develop inflammation of the brain and 1-3 person inflicted may lead to death.

There is a purpose for vaccination and as what the popular saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

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