The Dark Secrets of Dubai


When anyone hears Dubai, they imagine a Middle-Eastern Shangri-la.  This has been a glittering and shining monument to the Arabian enterprise mixed with Western Capitalism.  However, as difficult times come forward in the city state which was once a deserted dry land, an uglier side of the city arises and dark secrets surfaces.

Sheikh Mohammed who is the absolute ruler of Dubai is proud of his masterpiece.  His portraits are displayed all over Dubai and within every corner of an emerging enterprise along with the images of corporate geniuses such as Colonel Sanders and Ronal McDonald.  He markets Dubai to the whole world as the city of One Thousand and One Arabian Lights, an oasis in a middle of a desert.  But there is something that is bothering the great ruler.  There are several buildings that are half-finished and abandoned.  This is just one issue that is haunting the promising city.  As time passes by, the bright lights are slowly losing its power and becoming darker and darker.  Here is a list on a few of Dubai’s dark secrets:


As Karen Andrews put it Dubai is an adult Disneyland where Sheikh Mohammed is Mickey Mouse.  When Andrews husband asked her to transfer with him to Dubai since he was offered a decent position there, she was a bit hesitant but eventually pushed through it since she loved her husband so much.  At first, it was fantastic but they never knew what lies ahead of them.  They did not know that Dubai does not have a concept of bankruptcy and death or imprisonment is the only punishment they observe.  She concluded that Dubai is a medieval dictatorship hiding as some modern kind of oasis.


Many years ago, Dubai was basically just a desert dominated by tumbleweed, cactuses and scorpions.  But now, people are being fed the thought that Dubai open doors and is open-minded.  All the developments were made possible through the efforts of the Mighty Sheikh, they say.  But all this is a lie.  The city was not built by the sheikh, it was built through the sweat and blood of his slaves.


There are a lot of high-end malls in Dubai.  But people gather around these temples of consumerism to bask in the nice atmosphere.  Majority of the people who live in Dubai cannot afford these ultra expensive merchandises.  What’s worse, mall workers works to their bones but are not well compensated.  What a tragedy indeed.


Dubai is no wonderland just like any other city in the world.  Yes, there are some perks and beauty in the said city but beneath the glitters and bright lights are the shadows that linger.

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