Surprises that will hit you in your 30s

As you grow older, some things may happen without your knowing or without registering on your mind. Your 30s will be turning point years as you are hit by surprises of what has happened in life without your comprehension. First is that you realize you are ever busy. Your mind gets somehow stuck in the time you left college and you have to remind yourself that you are growing older.

Age catches up with you

Age catches up with you

You will get nagged about when you will get married if you are still single. The biological clock it ticking and you do not notice it. If you are married, baby pictures will always brace your social media updates.

You will be always surprised

You will be always surprised

You will also end up trying to juggle your work life and your work out time. Clothing becomes another affair as the clothes of your 20s make you the odd one out and you have to shop for sensible, functional and comfortable clothes.

Babies and baby talk will be everywhere

Babies and baby talk will be everywhere

Moving to a more affordable part of the country will feature on your wish list. The music you enjoyed is now what is played as classic music of the old. The hangovers you would easily endure start overpowering you and the food you used to eat seems to have constant disagreements with your insides.

Dancing and handovers become a thing of the past

Dancing and handovers become a thing of the past

Weird pains crop up all over your body. If you think you have too much to deal with, you have not yet encountered the fact that you prefer silence to loud music and you begin looking for quality in everything as opposed to quantity.

Your music is treated as vintage music

And hair grows everywhere on your body and baldness starts to set in. compound that with grey hairs cropping up in unexpected places. Anticipation sets in as you get all grown up with advice, planning your future and your misbehavior of the 20s catch up with you. Wrinkles may crop up and you get all vintage stuff like wine tasting and apple picking.

Funny hairs in the wrong places and none in the right places

Funny hairs in the wrong places and none in the right places

May be it is time you looked around you and identified the changes taking place around you so that these surprises do not hit you and overwhelm you when you cannot cope with them.

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