Travel with humour with flight attendants of Southwest Airlines

It is said that if you have not travelled by Southwest Airlines, then you must have missed something in life. The true fun of travelling air can be enjoyed at the Southwest Airlines. The Airlines have a great history of entertaining flight attendants. They do not only make you laugh with a sense of humor but also passes the message with their own style.


The usual method of convening the safety message is sometimes very boring. The traditional way is that one flight attendant speaks over the microphone and another goes in front to demonstrate the same what the earlier one is speaking. The security message generally consists of the message of seatbelt, life jacket, way to exit in emergency and others. However, most of the cases one will be bored to listen to all these especially if you are a frequent visitor. But the experience can be entirely different when it comes to Southwest Airlines.

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In the above video, you can completely listen to the flight attendant who is describing the security messages with fun. The difference between other flights and Southwest Airlines is that passengers in the later one os more engaged and enticing and fun environment is guaranteed. This is a method of marketing for Southwest Airlines that doest only attract new passengers, but also holds a good amount of existing customers.

A flight attendant who is looking extremely pretty described the life jacket as ‘Your very own teeny-weeny Southwest bikini .’ The statements actually make people laugh and applaud the service, as it is a kind of method to convey a message with humour and fun. The total speech is thoroughly enjoyable and funny. One must watch the whole video understand the funny yet sincere travel experience of Southwest Airlines. After talking about everything, she said, “The flight attendants are coming by, hoping you’ll tell them how good looking they are.”

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