It’s always said that animals are our true friends and are very much the part of our living world as we are! But the most pertinent question that lies is that do we treat them the same way with care and affection as we treat humans? Well, if not all of us, one man Eldad Hagar just showed a true act of humanity.

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Few days back a abandoned dog in a trash heap and was found in weak and painful condition. Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws found the dog and took some quick action to rescue her (the dog) from poor condition. Here are few images and the video below that shows hoe Eldad Hagar saved the dog and brought her back to life.

Hagar received an urgent call for the dog, who was later named as Miley and was found lying on the trash pile for months. Miley was found to be too dejected and depressed, that she did not had any energy to move even!



Hagar offered Miley some food and set besides her for almost an hour after he could take her by putting a leash around her neck. Hagar finally managed to get Miley in his car and finally took her to a veterinary clinic. At the clinic, Miley was found to be suffering from mange, parasites, malnutrition and bacterial infections. After a good medicated bath, Miley was given all the necessary attention and care needed.

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Soon Miley found her a companion-a small Chihuahua called Frankie. Framkie was found of from a drainpipe in helpless condition.

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No sooner the pair turned out to be very good friends and companions for each other. Miley is now in good condition. Here is a video of Miley and Frankie.

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