actress betty whiteActress Betty White, known for her role in Mary Tyler Moore Show, was born a brunette and has been dyeing her hair to keep her natural blonde look. This was revealed in a press release by her long time manager Jeff Witjas.

According to Witjas, the actress prefers to be alone in her home and she spends her time taking care of her animals and dyeing her hair. Betty was born with dark hair but in the last decades, she found coloring her hair to look blonde as the best way to relax.

The fact that she colors her own hair at the privacy of her home made many people conclude that she is a real blonde but she is not. When her dark hair started to show signs of aging, the star decided to dye it blonde both for convenience and for fun. At first, she just want to give life to her already graying hair but when she discovered she looked great as a blonde, she continued to dye her hair blonde.

“I experienced lots of excitement in my real life and in my movies as a blonde and I would like to keep my hair that way as I grow old.” Now 93, people are amazed at the actress’s blond tresses and many believe that she born with it. Her hair color has been a standing joke in several episodes in her TV show but with her great sense of humor made her enjoy those jokes.

When asked if she plans to go back to her brunette coloring, the actress answered in the negative. To her, it would be difficult to maintain and besides, her pets might be afraid of her and run away.

Betty White stars in a sitcom Hot in Cleveland, which is aired in TVLand cable channel.

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