Adam has bagged the crown of ‘sexiest man alive’. Awarded by the ‘People’ magazine, Adam Levine is the winner of the 2013 award. Levine was also gunning for the winning coach title on NBC’s ‘The voice’ which is also a hit series.

Adam Levine as he appeared on the cover of the PEOPLE magazine
Adam Levine as he appeared on the cover of the PEOPLE magazine

In an interview with the People magazine, Levine admitted to having had fantasies about winning the Grammys. He however expressed satisfaction and gratitude at the People magazine’s award to which he admitted that he did not see coming. He was amazed and stunned by the award. He says that he first thought the magazine was kidding him but he later realized they were not. To use his own words, he said it was “cool”. Levine, who is a musician, appeared on a cover of the people magazine and the leading story was his.

The musician was raised in Los Angeles. He is set to marry his longtime girlfriend and fiancé soon. He says that he did not think he was ready for marriage or to settle down with his fiancé, Behati Prinsloo. Behati is a model for Victoria’s Secret. Talking about himself, the 34-year-old Levine revealed that he loves to be naked and cries at movies. In particular, the movie Extraterrestrial gets him. About marriage, he said that he was simply ready when he was ready and nothing can be simpler than that.


Levine practices yoga and spinning. It is how he attained and maintains his incredibly well toned body. It also helps with his stamina, according to the interview, as his success is skyrocketing at a quick pace. He hover quickly added that he was not taking anything for granted despite the fact that everything for him is doing well and seems to be heading in a certain direction. He finds it interesting that life is good for him.

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