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It is always fun witnessing the crazy antics of these two cool bros. Months after taping the finale of The Voice, Blake Shelton has just been keeping a low profile. That is why it was a breath of fresh air when Shelton posted a video clip wherein after answering questions from his fans, he revealed the giant replica of Adam Levine’s Sexiest Man Alive cover page that Levine personally sent for Shelton.

After losing to Levine in the last competition, Shelton has been missing in action from the public eye. The country singer just wanted to stress in the video clip that he is still alive and just wanted to take a few minutes away. As he answered the queries of his fans, the 37 year old singer disclosed that he just simply missed going outdoors. He honestly stated that he is still a heavy drinker and it was not only just for the show for TV.

Shelton reportedly sent the 1 minute and 33 seconds long video clip to People and indeed the staff from the said publication was surprised by what stumbled before their eyes. After answering a few questions from his fans, Shelton revealed the ginormous replica of Levine’s cover of the mentioned magazine that was hiding behind Shelton’s garage.

Levine and Shelton has always been having this fun bickering with each other on their show in The Voice. This prompted a fan to ask Shelton whether Levine and he are genuinely competitive in real life as they act in the boob tube, and in addition, does Levine rub it to Shelton whenever he loses in whatever it is they are competing on. That is when Shelton opened his garage and showed to the public the precious gift of Levine to Shelton and said that such was the reason why Levine was a complete jackass and it was also the same reason why he loves him. It was sure hilarious!

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