ADHD syndrome
Child suspected to have ADHD.

ADHD syndrome or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not a disease but is just composed of symptoms for common health problems, ” says a well-known neurologist.

Dr. Richard Saul, a well-known neurologist believes that ADHD syndrome has been exaggerated and that many children and adults were made to take drugs that actually worsen their condition, rather than reduce their symptoms.

Many doctors have diagnosed patients with ADHD syndrome and given them medication believed effective in controlling the “disease” when their symptoms manifest other problems, he further stated. One example cited was the case of a girl who kept on moving from one place to another in the classroom. The doctor prescribed medicines for ADHD when in fact she was trying to find a place where she can see the blackboard clearly because she had a problem with her eyesight.

Dr. Saul further lamented the fact that ADHD syndrome was listed as a disease when it does not really exist. Another man suspected to be ill with ADHD was found out to be ingesting too much caffeine and lack sleep. One danger is when there is misdiagnosis or over diagnosis resulting to more number of people diagnosed and treated for ADHD when they are not suffering from it.

One big issue in giving medication to people believe to have ADHD are the side effects. One medicine, Ritalin, can have adverse side effects such as weight loss, liver diseases, and dizziness. This and other drugs can cause harm on those with severe problems that are left untreated because of the belief that they are caused by ADHD.

In UK, patients suspected to have ADHD is given psychological help first rather than drugs and other treatments. This resulted to lower number of children in UK given stimulants compared to the increasing number of children given the same medication in the US.



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