An adult film star called Elizabeth Starr, fears her banned breast implants will kill her after her breasts ballooned to an O cup size.15 years ago, Elizabeth 43,who wanted to add value in her job prospect for a fatter gain, made a choice. This was to curb today’s cutthroat challenge in making a meaningful livelihood. As any employee could beef their skill for handsome perks so she did.

Elizabeth's size o bust
Elizabeth’s size o bust


15 years ago, Elizabeth went for illegal “string implants, endured a staggering 63 correction surgical procedures at a fee worth £3000 which has majorly ruined her life resulting to an exaggerated buggy chest. The £3,000 procedure involved inserting synthetic string into the breasts to stimulate fluid production and growth.

Elizabeth before the breast enhancement surgery.
Elizabeth before the breast enhancement surgery.

Just a few days after the operation she began suffering complications. This caught the attention of doctors and they recommended that she faces a double mastectomy rather than live with her potentially fatal implants. This is a fact opposed by her for fear of internal blood clotting which would cost her dear life and also, failure of earning her livelihood due to the lost work opportunity. This has made her pay a lifetime price in full. A shortcut is the longest cut and so it is said!


After all this, Elizabeth investigated the fall of her hopeful sumptuous plan which resulted to not only a wild nutshell but an intricate and artful drama. She realized she was lied to and told the operation had been approved by the medical authority, but it hadn’t. Frankly, the risk of further complications casts a shadow over her future health.


Out of her experience, Elizabeth gives a sharp warning to those who may think of getting breast implants; ‘if you are going to attempt to try to become as busty as I am you are putting yourself at extreme risk.’ ‘You have to know what you are getting yourself into because it will change your life forever’. Learn from her story and save yourself the agony.

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