It is quite possible that the talent of this artist-Simon Beck may have not reached to your knowledge. But here are some amazing pics showing the fascinating art from the artist that will certainly leave you awestruck. Simon is specifically known for his art of creating some huge designs in snow created by walking on a fresh snowfall. His passion for this art makes him walk on the snow for hours tirelessly covering miles of distance creating masterpieces. Here are few of the pics which show Simon’s work and his dedication for this art.

Simon walks over the fresh snow with his special shoes to show-case his art



Simon walks for miles creating this amazing masterpiece




The results are truly mind-blowing leaving you speechless and stunned.



Simon walks with all the enthusiasm and zeal even though knowing that this masterpiece will not sustain for more than 24 hours



Simon has performed this beautiful display of his art at Savoie Valley in France , overlooking the Mont Blanc.



Simon even found spaces between mountains and lodges and showed this snow art at Lecs Arcs ski resort


He works on the ground but thinks aerially by creating patterns that look differently in 3D when viewed from different angles. A truly great artist cum mathematician.



His creations look differently at different times of the day



Well even though they may not last long, this designs will certainly stay in our hearts for long. A salute to this passionate artist.


Meet the man himself -Simon Beck



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