Niagara Falls Frozen

This winter season was something that the people of U.S and Canada would never forget. It was one of the fiercest cold wave that was circulating in different parts of US and Canada. The impact of the cold was so prolific that that led to freeze event he gigantic Niagara falls in its tracks. A photographer captured some amazing photos of the Niagara Falls during this time. The freezing air and the ‘polar vortex’ caused the cascading and continuously falling water freeze into ice. Here are few of the images captured.

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The amazing pictures shows the formation of ice coating around Prospect Point at Niagara Falls State Park and theRainbow Bridge that is seen with some solid ice. Last Tuesday witnessed a record setting cold as the mercury levels dipped to -2F and was nearly -20F with the combined wind chills. Some of the tourists still managed to be at the spot and enjoy this feel of nature as such opportunities come very rarely.

The unparallel amount of ice gathering in the upper Niagara River, caused a ice jam and even flooding on Grand Island and Cayuga Island in Niagara Falls. According to, historical records show that such a even was registered long back in 1848 that has caused large cubic feet of water to freeze and had turned the rive dry.

Niagara Fall Frozen

Niagara Fall Frozen


Here are few more images of the earlier times when the Niagara Falls had frozen.

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