An amazingly fast baby penguin chases his human trainer in a short video clip that is oozing with cuteness overload. Watch this video clip of this little baby penguin as it playfully chased a zookeeper who game played along at the Matsue Vogel Aviary Park in Southern Japan! The baby penguin perhaps was afraid of being alone and that is why it went and chased after something that made it feel safe. The zookeeper’s companion just can’t help but to take a video of the funny and cute moment.
The video was posted on Youtube and it received a overwhelming response by bored netizens who are easily swayed by anything funny and cute. At this moment, it already has around two million views. According to one commenter, the tiny penguin’s name is Sakura-chan. He said that it is a fact that penguins mate for life and Sakura-chan’s partner, Musashi just recently died. But luckily, Sakura-chan has moved on, however, he is chasing and eyeing a human now! Hahaha! Honestly, I almost fell and believed the commenter’s story until he mentioned the moving on part. Aside from getting a good laugh from the video clip, it is equally fun reading the notes in the comments section. However, another commenter also mentioned the rough translation of the Japanese title of the video clip and it said: Koisuru Penguin Sakura-chan or Literally Lovestruck Penguin Sakura and the description also translated to: This is like the breeding season, so the penguin is chasing after the zookeeper looking for some mojo. Now I am confused. I thought it was a joke but indeed, I think the tiny penguin is not that innocent after all.
A study revealed that penguins, particularly Magellanic penguins, are among nature’s most loyal lovers. It found one Magellanic penguin couple which remained loyal to each other over a period of 16 years despite spending thousands of miles away from each other during winter trips.

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