American Apparel has stirred up the controversy for decking out its mannequins with very visible patches of untamed pubic hair. This has featured three mannequin clad in transparent white underwear which has not spared the agony of publicly exposing their unkempt bikini lines. This has stopped various window shoppers’ faint in their ordinary tracks.


Beside this advancement of the mannequins, there have been moral queries bringing about the issue of the society’s concept on feminine beauty thing. Shoppers have had mixed reactions to American Apparel’s latest displays, with some voting it’s a positive move for feminism and others say it is too risqué. This has been answered by the marketing company managing Director Dee Myles who said that they did so targeting the hot romantic holiday i.e. Exploiting the full lust of Valentines eve.


On social media, American Apparel has toed a tough sarcastic line and also rejection from wide range comments by retailers across the board. Social comments have majorly been found twitted on varying sarcastic opinions. It seems the retailer has taken its defense of the ‘bush’ online as well; a quick browse on the website reveals several models exposing their unwired bikini lines in the lingerie section.


This garment was designed by artist Petra Collins living in Toronto. Petra told Mail Online that it was intended to open three taboo topics for discussion, namely; ‘pubic hair, masturbation, and menstruation’. With the upcoming designs, it’s clearly evident that a modern woman is not just a lower cadre element to be used but valuable dignified sexy human being .This as per artist Petra explanation. She reminds us that we are our own being in control of our own sexuality lives. Not forgetting the pretense people champion, pretending to be holier than though by hiding the images used to address sexuality and reproduction assumed by many as disgusting and yet it’s a fact not fiction.


The manufacturing company has severally come under fire in the past for featuring half-naked models who appear to be under-aged on its website but honestly, it’s time people agree to adopt new millennium and 21st century’s offers. Seems like it is a fact of life that we cannot avoid.

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