Allegedly, Ann Coulter refuse to go on board a plane that is flied by an African-American woman pilot according to the site Daily Currant. But hold your horses! Before you jump into conclusion and condemn this woman for being such a racist, let me inform you that the said site, Daily Currant, is an American satirical news blog with the Onion as its competitor. So basically, they post satirical stories that are purely fictional with a mission to ridicule the ignorant. Indeed, there are a lot of people who fall in their trap and believe in their hoax stories.

In one of their poplar post, they reported that writer and conservative critic, Ann Coulter refused to ride and stay aboard the plane after knowing that the pilot was a woman of African-American origin and therefore, she was alarmed for her safety as she was concerned with the pilot’s experience, credibility and qualifications. She reportedly said that the pilot most probably acquired the position due to affirmative action.

The commercial airline flight was supposedly to travel from Miami to New York. As Coulter boarded the plane and proceeded to her first class seat little did she knows that the pilot of the plane was black and thus, got the surprise of her life when she went to the bathroom and noticed that the one flying the plane was a African-American woman. Coulter stood in front of the cabin, giving a scene and yelling her concerns aloud as the plane completed the boarding. She kept convincing other passengers to leave since their lives were at stake. Reportedly, the passengers who were confused by the situation just remained silent and did not mind Coulter’s hysterical commentaries.

Ann Coulter is popular for her controversial opinions on race and is an avid critic of President Obama’s action for racial equality thus she was an easy subject to such a satirical racial news item wherein caused outrage among clueless readers fooled by the article. In conclusion, we should always get our facts right!

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