The story began when the USA Airways flight to Phoenix was delayed. It happend on Thanksgiving Day between a woman named “Diane” and TV producer Elan Gale. He wrote this story on “Twitter”.
So, the flight was delayed and this middel-aged woman was very upset because she had Thanskgiving plans, as if she was the only one who did.  She told the flight attendants that she wanted to be home for dinner with family. When the attendant replied that he also wantd to be with his family as well, Diane shouted in anger that it was not about him. She needed to be home to help family with their special stuffing. When they took off, she was muttering something. So Elan Gale offered her a glass of wine and left her a note saying ” Please, accept this glass of wine. Hopefully if you drink it, you won’t be able to use your mouth to talk”.  No wonder it made the woman be even angrier. She was breathing through her teeth, and wrote a note to Elan too, saying ” I am sorry for your family because they have to deal with you”. It meant that war between two passengers had started. They exchanged notes again and again. And finally Diane took offences and said to Elan that she would contact the authorities when they land. Of course there were no authorities when the plan finally landed in Phoenix. But Diane slapped the producer. Elan gave her the last note with address in twitter and it said ” Look up online, Read every comment, every tweet. And may be next time you will be kind and polite to people”

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