Social Networking sites have become important part of our life. Sometimes, the experience however becomes sour and annoying there. Same incident happened in Alexandria. An Obnoxious friend has annoyed and frustrated all in the college with her frequent milestones of achievement.

Ashley Canfield, a law graduate has become a matter of boredom and annoy for her friends and professors. The 30 years old who is also pregnant is contacting everyone with all her life updates. Her friends have claimed that she has turned obnoxious. They also said that she contacts over phone, mail and other mediums to constantly update her status. According to the reports one of the friends, Gabby Acosta seemed quite frustrated and mentioned that she needs to calm down on her achievements and milestones. The friend urged that she has posted that many of her marriage photos on Facebook and then an image of her ultrasound of her baby. The continuous update from ‘single to in a relationship’, then ‘in a relationship to engaged’ and then ‘engaged to married’ have made her Professors also annoyed. Professors said there is hardly any other news in the college apart from her milestones and life updates.


While recalling her frequent milestones, friends spoke about their obnoxious friend and her famous updates. They said that she started her updates when she got into a firm position in entry level merely after weeks of commencement of the class. Immediately after that she left her share accommodation to her own one bedroom. They reinstated that she is going too fast. Coming back to unfold her story the acquaintances along with the friends mentioned that she bought herself a classy Honda Civic right after that.

She was married and now is going to have baby. Friends are worried about more achievements from her. According to her friends she does have an event in every 9 months or so. They claimed that she was equally obnoxious even when her father died.

However everybody got exasperate when they were told that their friend Ashley Canfield is now suffering from an acute depression because of her crisis in life.

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