An artist in New Orleans, America, has her audience awestruck with her unusual method of doing her paintings. The artist, Heather Hansen, creates artistic masterpieces like have never been seen before. She titles her works, “Emptied Gestures”.

Art by Heather
Art by Heather

Heather uses a combination of gymnastics, dance and contortionism to come up with her art. She begins by taking a certain mysterious stance on a large blank piece of paper, and then begins her dance that culminates with a masterpiece produced. A look at her art pieces will easily tell you that.



With a piece of charcoal n each hand, she stretches and wriggles her way in an unusual dance on the paper, all the time drawing something on the paper. The charcoal faithfully traces her movements on the paper and something both wonderful and mysterious begins taking life. Her connection with the process of drawing and the finished artwork is so tremendous that audiences can feel it.


In front of a live audience, the artist has produced many masterpieces with her charcoal and dance routine. Observers say that the way she moves is artistic in itself such that you get engrossed in the movements, forgetting that there is a painting underway. The emotion that is in the drawings is almost tangible. Her work has near-perfect symmetry and the revealing of the finished pieces is always emotionally charged. Her paintings for her are a physical manifestation of the emotional balance that she feels as she draws.

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While most drawings in charcoal are harsh and sharp, Heather’s are mesmerizing and soft as the lines are blurred and smeared by her body. The drawings make one explore the grey areas that connect our bodies and minds. They show us that although we may not be perfect as society may expect, an exploration of the world around us can lead to creation of amazing things.

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