rthry1Four Seasons Condoms free this TV commercial to promote its condoms in Australia. For details which you will find out when you timepiece it, the ad was punctually banned. Checkered it out! “Banned profitable” seems to be dealer speak for “we want this to go viral on the internet” As well as for people to display their unawareness about what the word barred means and what the law is. The law cannot “ban” ads. Sure, if they don’t meet rules and values they aren’t aired. But seats like us make it sound like a freaking special sedentary of the government were held to make a specific commercial unlawful. It’s annoying. Jeremy Nuttall Annoying sells – as long as you make an expressive investment, you’re devoted. They don’t care if it’s a negative add-on. Very stimulating, why should they ban somewhat that would stop venereal disease, make people more answerable for their actions, we essential more this, I sparticus.

I prob would have used condoms had America been open to presentation commercials like that…. Now I have about 6 months to live with filled. Andrew you make a truly deep declaration and I agree whole heartedly. I will be requesting for you. Have you caught about the countless doctor Jesus? Banned…. Why? There was no bareness, no indecent signs even….. But there is no problematic with the other paraphernalia internet allows Since feeble minds want to imaginary we were born under a cabbage patch. This is old medieval attitude, still fast at work in 2013. (No problem talking about difficulty crapping, peeing in your pants, or itchy crotch though). Gotta the the terrestrial down under. That’s too funny! And anyone wo doesn’t like that profitable is old and Jealous. I really don’t want to eat h that. I can obviously see why it was band.

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