The world might have gone too fast, emotions might have been engulfed in personal ambition and success desire. But the society still runs on the three basic pillars Faith, Hope and Love. A drop box is still collecting abandoned babies in Seoul.


Jusarang Orphanage in Seoul, South Korea has reestablished the meaning of love and affection with open heart and broad mind. The Orphanage is run by an old couple but their responsibility and duty towards society is still remarkable. Like the other parts of the world South Korea sees large number of abandoned babies. Their mother leaves them on the road to die for one or the other reasons. But twenty of the huge numbers have been very lucky as they were left at the drop box of the Jusarang Orphanage.


The incredible story is not an emotional tale of some novel rather a true story where an old couple has put a drop box. The drop box is for those mothers who want to abandon their child. The kind heart couple has urged that no one in this world is unwanted. Almighty has sent everyone with some particular goal and purpose. So they want to save as many children as possible with the drop box. The couple did admit that they never expected at start that somebody would leave her child at the drop box. But then one morning a child was received.

Gi-Ri whose English name is Victory is one of the twenty toddlers who are rearing up in the shadow of parental love in the orphanage.


The world could see the fascinating and heart piercing story of those kids. The mothers who have delivered their child should understand that there is no Jusarang everywhere in the world. The message that cries out loud from the drop box is children are to be loved not be dropped in the box.

The enthusiasm and kindness that they have shown is truly fascinating. The world will remember this couple for doing a noble job and saving priceless lives.

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