The unfortunate end of baby Olivia has raised several questions on medical techniques especially on forceps. The baby girl died while delivery due to broken skull and damaged spine.

Mother of the girl Rachel Melancon has claimed that during her delivery she heard of some popping sound which might have come of the crushing skull. The obstetrician Dr George T Backardjiev was reportedly forced forceps even though Ms Melancon intended for caesarian. The parents of the baby Olivia are planning to sue him for his negligent and careless approach. While talking about the heart broken experience Ms Melancon told that the baby was left in the birth canal in a broken skull condition by the doctor. She believed that proper action and efficiency of the doctor could have saved her angle who left her mother in tears after 5 days.


The heart broken parents have started campaigning against the forceps and demanded immediate ban on the technique. The hospital where baby Olivia was born in Texas has expressed their grievance about the matter and promised an independent inquiry of it. However the hospital authority has refused to comment anything about the doctor. The Chief Executive of the Texas hospital has released a statement about the death of Olivia and said ‘rips at our hearts’.


Ms Melancon and her partner Allen Coats have started a FaceBook fan page Go Fund Me to raise funds for the funeral of their baby. The duo has also sought assistance form people in getting the justice for their baby who lived only for 5 days in life support.


Melancon and Allen stood by their baby in her short painful life of 5 days. She remained in life support and then became lifeless because of damaged brain and severe spine. The generous parent also donated the heart valve and rear tissues of the leg of baby Olivia which can save other babies who are fighting for their life.

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