Watch this adorable clip of a cute baby panda as she attempts to escape her playpen. The panda was given the name Wen Li, and viewers just can’t help but squel at how adorable and cute this baby panda looks as she refuses to be trapped inside the corners of her playpen along with her brothers and sisters. She wants to break free but it seems that all her struggles to escape were in vain.

The 1 minute and 26 seconds long video clipped already garnered an unbelievable 7 million views at Youtube right as of the moment. This occurred at the panda breeding center in the Chengdu Zoo in China. Wen Li along with her little panda friends inside the playpen looks like they just woke up since they seem to have tons of energy to play with each other. Wen Li, on the otherhand, instead of playing together with the other baby pandas, decides to escape the confines of the playpen and stubbornly attempts to climb over it. Unfortunately for her, her caretaker who appears to be wearing complete personal protective equipment with all the gown, mask, hairnet and everything, push her back inside the playpen. Some viewers commented though on the harshness and apathy of the caretaker as she pushes to poor panda back.

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Watching this short video clip made me remember the 2008 animated movie, Kung Fu Panda. The story revolves around Po, a panda who lives in Valley of Peace set in ancient China times. Po is a crazy fan of kung fu that looks up at the Furious Five composed of the Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane. Po’s dream of becoming a kung fu master seemed bleak until wheels turned around and fate works its ways. You have to watch the movie yourself to get may point. I’m not going to spoil you!

Wen Li is like Po. She tries and tries until she succeeds! We can learn a lot the cute baby panda!

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