One man found a squirrel lying somewhere and freezing in chilling cold. This kind hearted man just could not take off his eyes from the sight and took this little creature along with him to his home. Giving the squirrel one the most adorable caring treatment, he literally saved the squirrel and gave it all the necessary care and attention helping it to relive its life. Here are few of the images which may leave you astonished upon seeing the transformation.

Baby squirrel found curled up and was freezing in the cold.



On seeing this frozen squirrel, the man immediately picked it up and kept in inside the cup-holder in a car.


This little squirrel now got a cozy home.

frozen3 frozen4 

Here is an image feeding the tiny squirrel.

frozen6 frozen5

The Squirrel was too young for its eyes to be opened. Now the squirrel meets its two new doggie parents.


The dogs seem to be excited to introduce a new buddy in the home.


The dog gave kisses to the squirrel.

frozen10 frozen11 

Dogs serve to be as a much better tree.frozen12 frozen13

Here is one more amazing pic that shows how the squirrel has developed friendship with the dogs.

frozen14 frozen15




And now the squirrel has developed some leadership qualities. 


This final image will certainly take your heart away.



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