Sometimes, life become really tough and we don’t know what to do. This poem “Instructions for a Bad Day”by Shane Koyczan can be an amazing remedy compiled by Jon Goodgion and the footage with the poem has been taken from the documentary “Life in a Day” by Kevin Macdonald.

The poem “Instructions for a Bad Day” is full of messages that can give you peace in the hard times and you will see for sure that the present hardship will not last long. Some of the messages from this video that can help you loads are:
•    Be confident
•    Remember that ‘Now’ is only a moment and soon it will turn to ‘Then’
•    If today gets as bad as it can, keep telling yourself that tomorrow will be perfect
•    Be gracious
•    Accept every hand that helps you in a situation from which you could have not escaped on your own
•    Every black cloud is a reminder that no matter if we don’t see the sun or moon but they are present and will shower their light on us soon when the darkness will fade away but there will be light
•    Say what you feel without fear or guilt, be expressive
•    Make noise, your voice is the weapon
•    Ignore what others call you
•    Remember the time when you were going to press quit but you went for continue and now you are standing here; this bad time is same as that and it will pass away
•    Be forgiving
•    Living with the anger is not a living
•    Love and hate are beast and the one that grows is the one you feed
•    Every night mare has the beginning but every bad day has an end; be patience and you will see the good day soon for sure.

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