Are you tired of listening to the mewing of your pet cat each time other felines attack it? Do you hate the idea of seeing its face bloody and full of scratches? Pet cats can now be protected from their war freak foes and fellows. A designer who simply loves animals had successfully made a battle gear for felines who are prone to be preyed upon and attacked by other cats. Made of black leather with metal accessories, this battle gear will diminish the effects of scratches from other cats that attack your pet at day time or night time.

This pet cat battle armour is made of blackleather.

This leather battle armour for your pet cat is hand-stitched and mae for ultimate protection. Fitted to the cat’s torso, the armour has scale-like dorsal fins that can cause pain to another feline jumping at your pet cat and scratching it. Hard and pointed, it is fitted in such a way that your pet cat is protected without impeding its freedom of movement. It can still run, jump, and lie down while wearing the special gear.

According to the designer of the armour, making his cat model the armour took time because it scratched and tried to escape when it was made to wear the battle clothes. However, after if got used to the extra weight, it walked around confidently during the pictorials.

“Many animals are blood-thirsty and your pets need extra protection,” the maker of this battle armour enthused. “Just treat your pet cat tenderly while dressing it up for the battlefield to prevent your eyes getting clawed,” the designer added.

For those who do not own a pet cat, the designer is now in the process of making battle attire for other animals such as dogs, hamsters, and rabbits to keep them safe from other animals who are simply war freaks.

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