Beard – for hipsters and the homeless – but no more restrictions because there are far more beard benefits than to provide you with the particular looks, says science.

Yes! Beard and health benefits go together now. You might wonder how these hairs grown on your face can be advantageous. Well, a recent Australian research has changed the beard perspective entirely.
Beard is more than instant smartness and adult looks; it induces many positive impacts on health.

In the Radiation Protection Dosimetry journal, a research conducted in University of Southern Queensland, was published. Results of this study showed that beards are:

•    UV rays blockers
It is reported that beards are able to reduce the effects of UV rays up to 90 to 95%. This reduction is helpful in reducing the process of aging and cancer risks. That means facial skin of people with beard ages slowly.

•    Asthma Protectors
Asthma patients have severe problem with pollens and dust. This study further reported that dust and pollen grains can be stopped with these facial hairs. These asthma inducers get stuck in beard.

•    Moisture Retainers
Beards are moisture retainers. They also protect from wind effects. When moisture retains, facial skin remains young and fresh.

•    Fights Acne
Shaving is one major reason of bacterial infection. Ingrown hairs are also caused by shaving. These two are the main cause of acne. But, people with beard don’t have to get worried about these issues.


So what you think yet, do you want to enjoy these benefits?

This study was conducted very thoughtfully and data was conducted from bearded dummies. They were left in the intense heat of sun to see how much radiation they could absorb. The results, that were achieved, are in front of you.

One with the beard must be enjoying these facts; however, it is crucial to keep good hygiene to enjoy all these benefits.

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