For the last six years, Jason Mortensen has undergone surgeries, recoveries and more surgeries. In all this time, his lovely and very loving wife has been at his bedside through the hard times. Things took a downturn in the previous month after Jason woke up with no memory of being married. This was after a surgery to rectify problems that were left during a previous surgery. It was a hernia operation to fix tears that had not been taken care of. Jason says that he was not sure that after the previous surgery, he was not sure if he would function the same again.

Jason and Candice Mortensen
Jason and Candice Mortensen

Candice Mortensen was barely ready for such an occurrence. In Jason’s opinion, he thought that he had hit the jackpot when he was informed that the gorgeous lady by his bed was actually his wife. Jason woke up from his morphine induced sleep and found Candice filming. He asked her if she had been sent by the surgeons or something like that. He then started chatting her up, telling her that she was real eye candy. That was when he dropped the ‘man, I have hit the jackpot’ line. Candice then coolly told him that she was his wife.

The couple has been through the thick and thin in their six-year marriage. One really wonders how Candice felt, but she must have felt really appreciated by her husband. It seems like Jason is functioning perfectly after all. The video that Candice filmed is on the internet and got a cool over 400,000 views and dozens of downloads.

Sounds like a good way to rejuvenate a marriage that has been plagued by medical issues in its lifetime. Borrowing a leaf from Jason may not be a bad idea after all. Next time you wake up on the surgery bed and find your wife by your side, you can try Jason’s ‘are you a model?’ or find a catchy phrase of your own.

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