Unarguably, home is certainly a place, however small or big, that offers you an unmatched relaxation and comfort that any other five-star hotel of villa could offer! Here is one such story of an Idaho architect Macy Miller who constructed her beautiful tiny house just at the cost of $11,416.16.

Two years back, Macy Miller had got divorced and was unemployed which caused her to lose her earlier home in foreclosure. However, the Boise architect took the help of her father and her boyfriend in order to build her beautiful new tiny house spread over just 196-square-foot.

The tiny house is built on the top of a flatbed trailer and is made up of complete sustainable materials. Here are the few pics and a video below of Macy’s beautiful small house.


The idea of building a small house struck Macy’s mind in a dream even before she knew there is community of small home dwellers that was rising up.

‘It didn’t occur to me that it had been done before — building a tiny house just made sense for me and for my situation, in every way,’ Macy said.




Taking influence from other small home dwellers and creating her plans in mind, Macy invested nearly 10,000 dollars initially. Her small beautiful home consists of every modern amenity needed along with the lighting that she herself wired.

Here is a pic showing her expenses made during building her dream home.


Macy said “I have incorporated every single ‘dead space’ as storage. The steps leading to my bed will have drawers, the space above my pantry is sunken to have storage, behind my fridge is more storage, I have built in book shelves and I have plenty of cupboards and space under my bed for storage.”

Take a look at the video which shows how her dog struggles to come down the stairs.

“I have opted to leave open shelving in the kitchen to make it feel ‘bigger’ and more open but will be using shelving that maximizes the amount of storage space available.”




However, her dream home came at a cost when she broke her back falling on the roof. The injury led her to make use of crutches for weeks.

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