In the present world without rapping a song is not a proper song. People like rapping in the song. In the very beginning there was no rap in the songs. Where the rapper started rapping themselves by publishing rap song. There are many rap song in the world. Some people like rap song again some people do not like rap song. Some think that rap song is monotonous but it may be loved for some time. Then the rap was started to use in the songs for a little duration. From then the attraction of rapping is increased. Now in every modern and musical song there are some short of rap for enhancing the beauty and melody of the songs. By the time the rapper is increasing day by day. Rapping is one kind of fashion. Kanye West is such like a rapper. He is a famous rapper in the world.


He has rapped in many songs as well as in many stages. So as a rapper he has a great working knowledge of being a rapper as well as the performer. According to his assumption he told that rapping is not is a very simple task at all. It is very difficult and dangerous too. He expressed that being a rapper is like to be a police officer. Rapping in a stage is like fighting is a battle. Tom Cruise is also compared this profession as like the Kanye West. He first expressed his ideas to the open. When you will be in the out side then you may feel the problem of your security. The very first you may think about your physical security. But performing rapping in a stage is more problematic. Because the audience may not satisfy you. So the rapperĀ  keeps themselves more afraid in a performance


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