A widowed husband, Ben Nunery, recreated beautiful memories of her wedding day with his lovely three-year daughter Olivia after losing his wife.

Ben Nunery and Ali got a house to start their new life and before moving to their house, they had an awesome opportunity to capture some amazing photos in this empty house.


Ali died from a rare form of lung cancer in 2011. This incidence happened after a year when they celebrated birth of their first child. Now their daughter is three years old.

Ali was 31 and a school teacher when she was diagnosed with Sarcomatoid Carcinoma. She passed away in only nine months after the cancer diagnosis.


Recently, Nunery decided to sell this house, but before leaving it, he got an idea to recreate the memories with his daughter.


The house was empty as the time of their wedding.  He said that I wished to create these photos as ‘beautiful reminders of the past’ instead of ‘painful reminders of loss and pain.’


Melanie Pace, Ali’s sister, is a professional photographer. She was brought back to house to take these pictures.

Melanie confessed on her blog that in their entire photo session, there were so many incidences that made her feel that Ali was there.


Ben said, “I think she’s too young to completely comprehend what we were doing. She knows her mommy is gone, but I don’t think she really knew what that photo session was all about.”

Melanie posted these photos to her blog and everyone felt their pain and love.


Nunery said that they will hang photos from this shoot in their new house so Olivia can know where their parents had started their lives. He also said that Ali will remain with us no matter where we go.

He said, “It symbolizes a new beginning for us but at the same time I very much feel Ali’s presence in the new house. She’ll always be with us, no matter where we live.”


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