Benefit payments were cut in England recently. After it came to the government’s attention that several families have been receiving huge monthly support from the government.

The move disheartened Ms.  Buchan, a single mother with eight children aged 2 years old to 12 years old. The family has been receiving £2500 benefits from the government. However, with the reduction, Ms. Buchan’s family will just receive £2000.

“Living on £2500 has been tight. I cannot imagine how I can survive on £2000,” the single mother lamented. “I have arrears in rent and have been threatened with eviction. With my reduced benefit payments, eviction hangs over our head. I can’t bear the thought of my children having no roof over their heads,” she further mourned.

Ms. Buchan’s family is just one of the thousands of families who survive through the benefit payments from the government. It is believed that when the cap is implemented, 19,000 families will be experiencing reduced support from the government.

Benefit Payments Reduction Causes Ms. Buchan to Worry

“My family needs a bigger home as well,” Ms. Buchan stated. Currently, the family lives in a three-bedroom semi-detached home. “We need a house with at least four bedrooms. The children are growing up and we will be too crowded sharing rooms,” Ms. Buchan insisted.

However, because she has a record of delayed rentals, it will be difficult for her to have a bigger house. Her traffic violation penalties had also eaten up a portion of her benefit payment.

The government believes that the benefit payments cut can bring more savings to the government and force some who have been dependent on dole outs to find jobs. This will ease the government’s burden in terms of support t to indigent families.

This reform was initiated this bill in order to cut the expenditures of the government. Despite the cut, those dependent on government support are receiving monthly allowances that are almost equal to salaries of teachers and nurses.

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