The other day a famous singer Beyonce was noticed in a vegan restaurant in Beverly Hills, LA, wearing fox fur collar.
The society is shocked. Either Beyonce doesn’t understand what vegan diet is for, or she doesn’t know what meat-free meals are meant for or she is being just disrespectful. As a rule people decide to eat plants-food in order to save the planet. The less meat we eat, the less animals are killed. For the same reason, many people refuse to wear fur!
Beyonce’s husband Jay Z is on a vegan diet. His close friend inspired him to do so. Jay Z says that all his friends keep to plant-based food in order to change their dietary. Psychologists say that it takes us only 21 days to get rid of our habits. On the 22nd day we are free to choose our own way, which is why the singer decided to get a new life style by having plant meals every day. In fact it appeared even easier for him that he expected to do so.
Jay’s wife Beyonce is supporting her husband. They both attend vegan cafes, exclude honey, meat, dairy products and both refused to wear clothes made of animals’ fur or skin. Mb this is why the next day Beyonce was also seen wearing leather suit?! This is just an impertinence to wear fur or leather when you want to save the planet
Beyonce again

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