Most if not all of the women nowadays wants to have bigger boobs even going to the lengths of availing a boob job just to have a C-cup size. However, there is a downside of having big boobies. Women who have big boobs naturally or aesthetically share the same sentiments of the issues they face of having such breast size. Here is a list of 18 problems of women with big boobs:

1. It is hard to wear a button down shirt. If you do, you’re giving people around you a free peak at your breast since the buttons along the boobs part gape open!

2. It is difficult fit stylish and cute bras. Have you been dreaming of wearing a Victoria Secret fashion bra? Forget about it since the only thing that fit your cup size comfortably are ginormous grandma support bra.

3. It is also impossible to find a decent bikini may it be a two piece or one piece.

4. It is a common thing to get people to ask if you have considered getting a breast reduction. Quite rude actually.

5. It is also usual but weird and rude for people to ask for your breast size.

6. You occasionally have back pains. You may accept the fact that your back hurts sometimes because of the weigh in front of you, what hurts the most however is when people ask if you’re having difficulty with your back as if your boobs becomes a disability.
7. It is impossible to do push-ups.

8. It is a mandatory to wear more than one sports bra just for your workouts to keep those puppies in place.

9. Everything you were makes you look sensualized even if it’s not your intention at all.

10. Too much cleavage whenever you wear a bathing suit.

11. Guys focus on you boobs way too much in bed.

12. You are bothered by fashion advice for curvy figures since that are also nonsensical.

13. You envy women who can wear backless dresses since it is impossible for you to do so.

14. And also strapless dresses.

15. As well as blazers.

16. You can only flaunt bib necklaces since accessories that are long only dangles awkwardly.

17. Sling bags also dangle awkwardly which is just frustrating.

18. Lastly, you are terrified by the thought of getting pregnant since you can’t bear the idea of your boobs getting any bigger!

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