A big brother’s devotion to his younger brother with cerebral palsy touches the heart of a lot of netizens.  When cerebral palsy hit Cayden and threatened him to stay in a wheelchair forever, Connor, Cayden’s big brother, came into the picture and changed everything for his beloved little brother.  He did his very best to make Cayden feel and live as normal as possible.  Connor gave Cayden hope to move forward and live.  At this moment, the two loving brothers compete in triathlons and are considered in fact considered as one of the best team around and a force to reckon.

This inspiring story of the two brothers, Connor and Cayden Long, has already garnered a total of 1 million views in Youtube.  The two were recipient of the Sports Illustrated Kids 2012- SportsKids of the Year award.

A lot got inspired by the video.  As a matter of fact, LeBron James was touched by the courage of the two boys and delivered an equally inspiring speech.  Since James is a dad himself, it clearly shows that the two brothers’ act hit him deep inside.  For sure the parents of the two brothers are really proud of them.  As young as they are, they possess wisdom beyond their age and form their thoughts magnificently.  The two brothers are lucky to have each other who support one another and parents who instill them upright moral standings.

The young boys do not only set as a good role model to youngster nowadays but they also set as a good example to a lot of adult human beings especially on being down to earth and encourages them to do good in order to feel good.  It was indeed a lesson in empathy, sacrifice, understanding, courage and most of all love.

Prepare yourself for the feels! This beautiful story surely pierces your heart.

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