The famous Fox news host Bill O’Reilly has assaulted the onsite Santa Claus at a departmental store in Macy’s. He has been immediately arrested however later released on a bail $10000 and will undergo trials.

The 63 years old is known for his Pro Christianity views and has hosted many shows on the issue. The Santa made a mess when he approached him with a “Happy Holiday” greeting instead of “Merry Christmas”. “Happy Holiday” is considered to be an anti Christian phrase in the Christmas among the orthodox people. The phrase started an alteration between the two and end up in a physical fight. Bill O’Reilly has allegedly damaged the nose of the Santa Claus. NJ who dressed as Santa a 47 year old man has suffered severe injuries and is undergoing treatment at NYU Langone Medical Center. The doctors have confirmed surgeries for nerve damages.


Bill O’Reilly who has assaulted the man also abused him before punching him in front of the crowed. According to the eye witnesses Bill was terribly angry and he launched an attack on him. The eye witnesses also confirmed that the man dressed up as Santa Clause was greeting everyone with the same phrase of “Happy Holidays”. But nobody paid that much of attention was very happy to greet him back with the same. However things got bitter with Bill O’Reilly as he was in the last minute Christmas shopping.

Bill O’Reilly is renowned for ‘War on Christmas” show, which he hosted. Interestingly, he made claims in that Television show that “Happy Holidays” on Christmas is anti Christian and has a great role in devastating America. The Santa of the departmental store may be unaware of this fact and probably would not have tried this on Bill if he would have any clue about this.

The planned show of Bill O’Reilly was canceled for the day. The show was replaced by other special edition to cover up.

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