Patrick Soon-Shiong is a surgeon-turned-entrepreneur with a whooping net worth of $ 10 Billion who is reinventing the health care.  He has a vision that he devised for a decade already which is rapidly taking form now.

He envisioned a system wherein the tor extracts blood and tissue from a patient, deliver the data to a medical data center.  The information received is used to sequence the patient’s entire genome and maps the process of the body’s cell, protein, and DNA mutation into tumor cells.  The doctor then checks and accesses a global bank of DNA and tissue.  The information he or she gathers is then used to formulate and develop a therapy most specific to your condition.  This therapy is administered to the patient through nanotechnology.  In just a few moments, you will recover from whatever disease you are experiencing and the state of your health is continuously monitored by a technology that gathers information and transmits it to the doctor’s clinic.  Patrick Soon-Shiong said that this serves as a pathway to fight cancer, not to cure it but to make it a survival feature of the human condition.

In order to control costs and create accountability in medical health care, a system must be constructed, linking research and treatment with constant and careful monitoring.  Patrick Soong-Shiong is passionate in his charity works and finding ways to make this world better.  Since Patrick Soong-Shiong specializes in cancer treatment, he focuses all his energy and resources to find ways to alleviate the problem caused by such condition.

Patrick Soong-Shiong is methodically mapping out a digitally enabled, science-driven and personalized health care system.  He starts from the molecular structure of the cancer, to the balance sheets of hospitals, and ends to the computing and fiber-optic requirements of the data center.

Patrick Soong-Shiong is definitely a person to reckon with!

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