When the temperature in Washington was dropping down, Angela Kelly’s mind struck her up with some strange idea. She and her seven-year-old son made some liquid soap solution and sent some bubbles in the air, amidst some freezing cold. Here are few pictures of the bubble experiment that shows what happened ahead.

bubble1 bubble2

With sheer anxiety, patience and attention at the same time, Angela took some images of the bubbles as the frost had created some very intricate designs within them. However, the smaller bubble froze in the chilling cold and shattered on the ground.


While closely observing the bubbles for a long time, Angela found that before the sun would rise, the bubble would froze completely and would look as if they were made up of glass.


But with a tender heat of the rising sun, the bubbles would start defrosting from the top.


Sometimes in an intermediate state between freezing and melting, the bubble would transform into some strange shapes.

bubble5 bubble8

Some of the images will make you believe as it’s a fairytale.


Both mom and son witnessed the immense beauty of nature that lies in simple things as the simple bubble experiment proved out to be something very magical.

bubble9 bubble10 bubble11

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