There are really bizarre happenings that are currently happening in this world right now. One incident is this recently reported case of a 40 year old man who was discovered in a distressed situation as he lay by the side of the A66 dual carriageway in a busy road in Middlesbroug one Thursday morning. He suffered from severe injuries and wounds to his private parts. The Cleveland police reportedly said that the man was attacked by a gang of gypsies!


According to the reports, the gang of gypsies attacked and cut the private parts of the man after having disputes over a woman. The man’s penis is still missing as the police closed the entire area to search for it. The stretch of the whole A66 road was blocked and sealed off between 4:20 AM and 9:00 Am and was opened back by midday to conduct for the extensive search for the man’s genitals and to carry out an investigation for clues on how the man attained the injuries as well as to preserve any evidence that lay there. A more detailed report revealed that the group of gypsy men chopped off the man’s private parts after they found out that one of their girlfriends was sleeping with him. The man was immediately sent to the hospital by the ambulance.


They eventually arrested a 22 year old man over the suspicion of assault in relation to the abovementioned case. He was held in police custody that afternoon and was being questioned. He was released afterwards after paying bail but still have a pending case for further investigation.

A lot of passers-by and by-standers were curious on what really happened. They thought that there was only a simple stabbing incidence but the police assured them that everything was under control and there was nothing to worry about.

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